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RAIN | Lonely Night Drive Mashup | Aftermorning Chillout | Monsoon Mashup Nonstop

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Your seasonal dose of ever favorite remix series 'Night Drive Mashup' is here with sounds perfect for this rainy weather. Hope you guys enjoy this one. Don't forget to drop your feedback and suggestions for next tracks in the comments below.

Alone in Rain | Night Drive Mashup | Aftermorning | Bollywood Chillout ,lofi nonstop
Remix : Aftermorning

Rain Drops

Rain drops from the clouds and onto trees,
Down the tree trunks and off the leaves.
Down a mountain, into a brook,
Past a chipmunk in a nook.
Into a pond, off a log.
On top of a turtle and onto a frog.
Onto roads, onto the grass,
Onto trains and trucks that pass.
On top of bridges, cars and boats.
Even onto people’s coats.
Onto houses and my windowpane.
I just love to watch the drops,
The drips and drops of rain.

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