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Brioni Faith & Deep Energy - Human | Official Video

6 Просмотры· 10/06/23

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"Human" is a high energy Vocal Trance track by Brioni Faith, and Polish Producer Deep Energy.

Human, by Brioni Faith & Deep Energy
Lyrics and Vocals by Brioni Faith
Music by Deep Energy

Produced by Brioni Faith, Deep Energy and Braddon Gilbert
Mixed by Braddon Gilbert at Get On Down Records
© ℗ Get On Down Records 2014


Brioni Faith
Deep Energy
Agent VX - Aleister Grey
Agent Phoenix - Brodie Hansford
Guard - Mr X

Music video written directed and produced by Brioni Faith
Executive Producer: Braddon GIlbert

Agent VX filmed and directed by Polaris Castillo
Cinematography by Matt LaCorte


Are We "Only" Human?

Brioni Faith discusses her new release "Human" and why she uses the line "You're not only human" in this latest song with Deep Energy.

"Believe it or not, only a couple of days ago - someone actually said the phrase "You're only human" to me. I had to laugh at the synchronicity!

I was tired that day, I had been pushing myself, working on this release... working long hours, and they were telling me to rest.

On one hand, the phrase can make you feel that it's ok to be flawed; you can take some comfort in that. On the other hand, it can steal your magnificence, and makes you believe that being human means being less than perfect.

In this instance, the context was that I was not a machine, as if somehow machines are superior in their ability to keep on going.

To use the phrase "You're only human" - to me denies the magnificence within human beings to push the limits, to explore beyond what we see and what we currently know.

We live in a world that often focuses on the physical and the mechanical, we often treat ourselves as machines. Of course, as humans we have to rest our bodies and minds. Even machines require maintenance and servicing.

However, the beauty of being human is that we have the ability to change and adapt our lives. We have the ability to explore new possibilities and to see things in different ways. Everyone has something inside them that they are here to share.

Too often we listen to the voices on the outside. We tend to believe that we are stuck a system that has control and we have none. We give up on our dreams and write them off as fantasy. We dismiss the inner voice, a calling that reminds us of who we truly are.

In this song I use the line, "Don't let them make you smaller."

Don't let the outside voices tell you that you are "only" human. Whether it's TV advertising pointing out "lack" in your life - or people you know who don't have the courage to believe in their own dreams, so they pull down yours.

Whether you're religious, spiritual, or atheist, there is nothing only -- about being human.

"Human" is a reminder to listen to that inner calling - not to be a product of the system. Life is a dance, and everyone has their part to play. When we listen to the inner voice, we start to hear the music that comes from within."

All music appears courtesy of Get On Down Records
© Get On Down Records 2014

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