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#scenicrelaxationfilm, Wild Gardens Tour Scenic Relaxation Film With Piano Music

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For burnt-out and stressed professionals looking deep healing and rejuvenation, our professionally curated music and video will help you relax, recover and overcome stress.

Research from Stanford University shows that devoting at least 45 minutes, in a relaxed position, listening to calming music can help relieve stress.
Beautiful piano music | stress relief | wild flower meadow meditation music.
In the wild garden, in pure bliss. Find your inner peace. The outdoors are where you connect with nature, enchanting beauty of the wild flower meadow. Viewing beautiful footage of nature relaxes and destresses, giving you inner peace. Listen to more of such music and imagery to improve your emotional wellbeing.

Our videos use optimised sounds (music and nature sounds) to help you to unwind naturally and rediscover balance, peace, and positive energy rather than resorting to medication, alcohol or substance abuse.

We use basic harmonic sequences and melodic fragments of stringed instruments, drums, and flutes in the Celtic, Native American, and Indian music styles, which are especially appealing to us because they can be made to hypnotically repeat in order to induce a deep state of relaxation.
Occasionally, we will use nature sounds (birds, waves or rain) which we combine with smooth piano.

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