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Batman & Joker 【Telltale Tribute】 | Monster 「GMV」

1 Просмотры· 25/12/23
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Joker Like
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I wanted to do this video since a long time but I was never happy with it. Because I have now After Effects I tried it again and this is the result.
I really love the relationship of John/Joker and Bruce in the games.
I hope you like it =)
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Editor: Sessyfan791
Fandom: Dc Comics, Telltale Games
Character: Joker / John Doe , Batman / Bruce Wayne
Music: Beth Crowley - Monster
Program: Vegas Pro 13.0 , Adobe After Effects 2020

❝ Footage ❝
Games 🎮
~ Batman : The Telltale Series ~
~ Batman : The Enemy Within ~

« ! No copyrights infringement intended, for entertainment purposes only. I don't own any of the footage or the song I used in this video. ! »

#Batman #Telltale

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