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18 Просмотры· 10/06/23

1-Hour Deep Complete Energy System (Nadis) Balancing/Healing/Tuning.

(I borrowed this from my very first video I put up on YouTube) We can't all live in the Himalayas, and let's face it, stress is in our lives and there is little time to get in tune with the world around us, the natural world we rush past.

Balance can return into your otherwise chaotic life. Face it, humans are not supposed to live this way, totally detached from the natural world, shut off from reality. But we can have that contact again, for what are we ourselves if not natural beings? Getting in touch, in tune with your natural self, is within your grasp.

We, like all natural things, from the smallest single celled entity to the universe itself, resonate on a certain range of frequencies, exist within that range of frequencies. And as with all natural things, different parts of us resonate at slight variations of that frequency. (The Chakras)

We can get "out of tune" like a musical instrument, and in being out of tune, the world around us can seem resistant, and indeed it is. But in tune, with all our parts harmonizing with the other parts, suddenly the world itself will come in to sync with us. Your drive down the freeway will feel different, standing in line, work, sitting with friends or family; everything will feel different.

Like the strings of a harp, if they are not in tune, and in the proper pitch, they will vibrate like an unbalanced wheel. But tuned, in the proper pitch, the strings will vibrate smoothly, waves touch, crossing over each other and back again, like water in a stream passing softly over the pebbles it encounters along its path.


“Sound invokes the spirit to play it.” Taos Winds Spirit Music… Music from the Spirit, Music for the Spirit.

…Taos Winds Spirit Music’s purpose has always been to create music that puts you in a perfect mental, physical and spiritual place for your meditation, pondering, Yoga, Reiki, relaxing, and whatever else you partake in spiritually. It heals and balance your being while calming your mind, body and soul.

Enjoy… Relax, let your body heal... Find your Zen again…

I hope you are all doing well out there my friends.

Always remember, the truth is right there in front of us all, at all times, on all matters. But, the truth whispers quietly in our minds, our hearts, it is subtle, it is simple, so simple in fact that it is more often overlooked by most. The truth must be sought.

Namaste! Peace to you all! ☥☬☮☯☸

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This music is “Fresh from the Spirit” and “In Tune with Nature!” (432 Hz tuning)


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