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Deep Energy # 26 - A Deep Dark Meditation

5 Просмотры· 10/06/23

Hi everyone, My name is Jim Butler and this is Deep Energy Podcast number 26, titled ‘A Deep Dark Meditation’ If this is your first time listening to the podcast, how it works is that I speak for a few minutes, then there is 60 minutes of uninterrupted Ambient/Electronic Music. You can find out more about me and my music at On my website you can find links to all of the past podcast, links for my pages at You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest and links to places where you can purchase my music, including my new single titled ‘Solitude’ for only .99 cents from Amazon, iTunes, E-Music etc…which is playing in the background right now.


Also on my website, on the top of the column on the right side is a donate button. The podcast does have a fee involved to keep running, so any type of support is welcomed. Thanks in advance, and thanks to everyone who has made a donation. It is greatly appreciated.


Please see the show notes for additional info on the music for today’s podcast.


Hi everyone, this podcast is actually a remix of an earlier Dark Ambient podcast, which was one of my favorites that I had forgotten about until recently. Someone had decided to use this piece of music as a background for a guided meditation, so I went back and re-listened to it, and decided that I could do a better job of mixing and mastering it. So what you are listening to today is the remixed and re-mastered version. I also went back and slowed it down a little more. I think by doing that it added a little more depth to the music. I hope you agree….    


And now Deep Energy Podcast # 26 ‘A Deep Dark Meditation’   

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