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Fox News Might Be Suing Tucker Carlson Over His Twitter Show

3 Просмотры· 10/06/23

Fox News has sent a letter to Tucker Carlson's lawyers, letting them know that the recently-fired host is in breach of his network contract by launching his new show on Twitter this past week. This sets the stage for a potential lawsuit from the network against Carlson, as they allegedly own the rights to Tucker on camera. But depending on the EXACT wording of the contract, Carlson might have the upper hand, as Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains.

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Fox News was forced to send a letter to Tucker Carlson's lawyers this week informing them that the former Fox News host is now in breach of his contract because he officially launched his new show on Twitter on Tuesday of this week. The show did premiere. It lasted a little bit more than 10 minutes. It was definitely not the same caliber that Tucker Carlson's fans are used to. But part of that is because a couple weeks ago, Fox News actually went up to Carlson's house and ripped everything out of the studio they had built for 'em there. So Tucker Carlson's operating on a bit of a shoestring budget with uh, you know, kind of a homemade set, but he put it out there. He had a title for it, a name for the show. It was an official quote unquote show. And Fox News says, hold up there big boy.

We own Tucker Carlson talking about politics because that is how it is written in your contract. That, by the way, is still in effect for another year. So you can't do this. You can't do any of this because we own you. Now, Tucker Carlson's lawyers have fought back saying, whoa, whoa, hold up. You can't do that because that's a violation of my client's right to freedom of speech. He has the right to go out there and say what he wants to say, and you can't stop him. And I gotta tell you, based on what I've read from the contract, and based on Tucker Carlson's lawyer's argument here, Tucker Carlson is screwed. First and foremost, Fox News as a private entity, as a corporation, cannot violate the First Amendment for someone else. Them telling Tucker he's not allowed to say these certain things is not a violation of the Constitution because the First Amendment only applies to government entities regulating your speech.

I don't know how these men who allegedly went to law school that are representing Tucker didn't realize that, or maybe they hoped that the Fox News lawyers are so stupid that they don't realize that only the government can impede your First Amendment rights. So their argument that Fox's, you know, trampling his First Amendment rights, that's immediately thrown out because Fox News is not a government entity. I know they want to be, but they're not. And then there's the contract now in contract law ambiguity benefits the Signee party, which means that any, if there's anything ambiguous in that contract, it would benefit Tucker Carlson and his lawyers would be able to skew it to do whatever they need to do within that vagueness. I hope that makes sense. Uh, but here is what the contract says according to Axios, pursuant to the terms of the agreement, Mr. Carlson's

Services shall be completely exclusive to Fox. It adds that Carlson's contract says he is, quote, prohibited from rendering services of any type whatsoever, whether over the internet via streaming or similar distribution or other digital distribution, whether now known or hereafter devised. So yeah, sounds like you're not gonna be able to say anything until January of 2025 Tuck because they kind of covered all their bases with that clause in that contract. Like you're not allowed to do anything whatsoever. It says you can't even be on platforms or new means of distribution that haven't been invented yet. Like that's how thorough they got with that contract to make sure Tucker Carlson couldn't leave and go do his own thing. Like you can't even do things that don't even exist yet.

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