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Tove Lo - Suburbia (Scene 2)

7 Просмотры· 22/12/23
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Tove Lo - Suburbia (Scene 2)

‘Dirt Femme Out Now 🦂:

Director: Kenny Laubbacher
Director of Photography: Tamara Santos
Photographer: Moni Haworth
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli
Creative Director: Charlie Twaddle
Producer: Juliana "Juju" Sorelli


Now here I am with you
I never wanted babies
I know they’re kinda cute
I never wanted marriage
But here I am with you
We love to live in chaos
There’s nothing in our way
Our love is deep but fragile

No fake grass
No fake friends
That’s our plan
Yeah that’s our future dance
No pretend
No safe end
That’s our plan
No circumstance

I don’t want suburbia
I don’t need routines and lies
I hope you know that I know
You are the love of my life
But I can’t be no stepford wife

Just let me talk this through
So if we had a baby
You’d love them more than me
What if I’m way to lazy
For the mom olympic team
Will we still be romantic
Will I still get my sleep
Will you be less pedantic

What if I change my mind and want one
But then I can’t have none
Would you leave me then
What if I don’t want the things I’m supposed to want
What then
But what if I do in the end

#tovelo #suburbia #dirtfemme

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