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Tove Lo - Elevator Eyes (Scene 15)

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Tove Lo - Elevator Eyes (Scene 15)

Elevator Eyes Out Now:

Director: Moni Haworth
Director of Photography: Moni Haworth and Clyde Munroe
Starring: Tove Lo, Timo Nuñez, and Austin Keil
Editor: Clyde Munroe
Creative Director: Charlie Twaddle
Tove Lo Stylists: Annie & Hannah
Tove Lo Hair: Preston Wada
Tove Lo Make Up: Lilly Keys
Actor Casting + Stylist: Malcolm Mammone
Producers: Laura Haber and Alex Bruno

Take in this body
Skin looking salty
Fresh out of da sea
Won’t you come taste me

I’m on vacation
No obligations
But maybe we fall in love
Let the stars be our audience

Tell me what you want what you want what you want
You keep giving me

Elevator eyes
Elevator eyes
I’m not surprised
You’re hypnotized
Going up and down
Elevator eyes
Elevator eyes
If looks could touch
No need to rush
Going up and down

Go get a rubber
No nevermind that
Cooked your boys in a jacuzzi
Let’s risk it, it’s worth it

I’m on vacation
Body prints in sand
Yeah I will remember you
Naked and beautiful

Oh yeah
Sunkissed in my dirty bed
Oh yeah
Our positions always sitting in the back of my head
Oh yeah
Come back so I don’t forget

#tovelo #elevatoreyes #dirtfemmeextendedcut

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