Steamed Artichokes With Anchovy Butter and Lemon | Home Movies with Alison Roman

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Swipe right on this sexy birthday snack. Lovingly steamed with a squeeze of lemon and dipped in butter, grated garlic, and lots of melted anchovies. Plus a dreamy bonus salad for all your leftover artichoke needs!

Thank you to Dipsea for sponsoring this episode of Home Movies! Dipsea is an erotica storytelling platform created for women by women that encourages you to explore your desires and fantasies in a safe space, on your own terms. To learn more, go to https://dipseastories.com/alison for a free 30-day trial.


0:00 Home Movies with Alison Roman
0:30 Intro to Steamed Artichokes With Anchovy Butter and Lemon
1:55 Thank you to Dipsea - https://dipseastories.com/alison
3:14 Artichoke preparation
6:05 Potting and seasoning the artichokes
8:26 Making the anchovy butter
10:13 Plating the steamed artichokes with the anchovy butter
13:05 What to do with the artichoke heart
14:30 Alison's signature dish

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Director: Daniel Hurwitz
Editor: Matt Maltese
Director of Photography: Michael Ormiston
B-Cam: Sean Ryan
Sound: Yves Albaret

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