A Juicy, Delicious, and Golden Thanksgiving Turkey and Gravy | Home Movies with Alison Roman

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Муж на час
Муж на час

This turkey is as simple as it gets, and it's absolutely wonderful. Seasoned only with salt, pepper and a little bit of brown sugar (to encourage that golden brown skin), it's juicy, savory, and can be ROASTED ON A SHEET PAN! We love it! Not only does this bird give us the main event, it also gives us schmaltzy, tangy shallots (a perfect side), a flavorful stock (great for turkey soup leftovers), and meaty, delicious gravy (to pour over the whole plate). You'll learn how to make all three (turkey, stock, gravy) and they'll all be welcomed additions to the menu–I guarantee it. For the full meal, you can watch our Thanksgiving special here: https://youtu.be/NyNOZOr9uIA.


0:00 Opening of Home Movies Thanksgiving Turkey with Gravy
0:30 DAY ONE (Preparing the seasoning and thawing turkey)
2:58 A special message from Grey Poupon
4:12 Defrosting the turkey
5:25 Seasoning the turkey
6:26 DAY TWO (Preparing the turkey for roasting)
7:20 Creating the ideal head start for roasting
9:35 Twining the turkey and roasting
10:38 Three hours into roasting
11:07 Checking progress thirty minutes later
12:48 Fifteen more minutes before resting
13:05 Resting for thirty minutes
13:38 Making the gravy
13:51 Collecting the pan drippings from the turkey
14:28 Building the roux then adding the turkey stock
16:26 Enhancing the gravy with seasoning
17:28 How to carve a turkey
18:48 Plating and finishing the turkey

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Director: Daniel Hurwitz
Producer: Maureen Kuhl
Editor: Matt Maltese
Director of Photography: Michael Ormiston
Director of Photography (Interview): Dennis Thomas
Sound: Yves Albaret
Sound (Interview): Catherine Hood
Gaffer: Nick Dabas
Graphics: Ian Miller and Natalie Bolton

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